At SEAH we can perform this surgery for as little as $500 for one eye or $750-$850 for both eyes.

This is a condition where either the upper or lower eyelids (or both) roll inwards leading to the eyelashes rubbing on the cornea of the affected animal. Most commonly this condition is seen as rolling-in of the lateral (outer) eyelashes of the lower eyelid of breeds such Rottweilers, Mastiff breeds, Malamutes, and most commonly, Shar Pei. This type of entropion is also seen in old cats occasionally. With Pugs we see entropion of the medial (inner or near the nose) area of the lower eyelids. In Shar Pei puppies we see entropion of the upper eyelids. This is a special case as entropion of these upper eyelids self corrects as these puppies grow. This can often be managed with the use of anti-inflammatory/antibiotic eye ointments, but occasionally requires the placement of sutures to hold the upper eyelids away from the cornea for a couple of months as the puppy grows.

Regardless of the type of entropion, left untreated, this will eventually lead to scarring of the cornea and eventual partial or complete blindness, with the dog/cat suffering marked discomfort 24hrs per day, every day until treated. Affected animals usually present with wet β€œblinky” sore eyes.

At SEAH, Dr Plummer has performed over 500 of these procedures over the past 15 yrs. We have had clients bring their pets from as far away in Victoria as Horsham and Bairnsdale and the Geelong area, and interstate from Brisbane and Adelaide, to have this procedure performed at SEAH. Incisions are made along the length of the affected eyelid, to avoid an obvious β€œstep” if the incision line is only made part-way along the whole length. Incisions are made within 2-3mm of the eyelid margin so it is difficult to see a scar long term.

We have also found that it is not necessary to shave any of the hair away from around the eyelids to perform this surgery. As a result, owners do not have to wait months and months for the hair to return around the surgical area, leading to a much more rapid/pleasing result to the eye.

Please call our nursing team to arrange an appointment to have your pets eyes examined if you are concerned they may have this problem.