SEAH has a team of experienced nursing and best veterinary surgeons, performing up to 6-8 surgeries each day of a very wide range of animals in Melbourne. All patients receive pain relief and antibiotics (nsaids and opiates). Pre-anaesthetic blood testing is also performed where recommended and agreed to by clients to check the pets underlying medical health prior to surgery. IV (intravenous) or SC (subcutaneous) fluids are provided, as recommended, for most surgeries to support cardiac (heart) and renal (kidney) function during procedures. Induction of anaesthesia is performed in pocket pets and cats and some small dogs using Isoflurane in Oxygen by mask – this provides rapid induction and allows the pet to be breathing 100% oxygen from the start of the induction process. Use of this technique prevents apnoea episodes (where a pet stops breathing) during induction, and makes the procedure much safer, particularly in our older cats and pocket pets. Anaesthesia is maintained using Isoflurane in Oxygen – this is the same anaesthetic regime in human hospitals. Patients are placed on heating pads during procedures and are recovered on heating pads after the procedure/anaesthesia is finished, prior to being placed back into their cage once they have recovered.