There’s nothing quite like the joy of spring, is there? The air just smells fresher and everything seems sparkly and green and new. If it makes us this happy, just imagine how amazing it must feel for your dog. More outdoor time means more walks and trips to dog parks, meeting other dogs, chasing garden hoses and frolicking in the sunshine. Of course, it also means that there are one or two things to consider to make sure your best friend stays happy and healthy.

Spring in Australia brings with it an increase in temperature – and with an increase in temperature comes an increase in creepy crawlies. Mosquitos are common and a pest to humans, but in dogs they can transmit heartworm disease, which can prove fatal. Luckily, there are heartworm preventatives available that can be given monthly (either orally or as spot-ons) or yearly (via an injection). Mosquitos are common and a pest to humans, but in dogs they can transmit heartworm disease, which can prove fatal. Your local vet can give you the advice. on which option would best suit your dog.

Ticks and fleas are also commonplace during this time. Depending on the breed of dog that you have and how dense their fur is you will need to check them regularly for fleas in all the usual spots. Again, a few minutes of checking as a preventative measure is something that will save you time and money in the future.

With such glorious weather you will probably be taking much more walks with your dog. Take care though to make sure you keep their time spent on very hot surfaces (like pavements and roads and even hot beach sand) to an absolute minimum. You can also find specialised paw ointments to keep their paws soft and soothed at all times.

Your final consideration should be hydration. While it isn’t summertime as yet, the fact is that dogs only have panting to rely on to efficiently exchange their heat which means that they struggle much more than we do to regulate themselves. Keeping them hydrated at all times with cool fresh water will help keep them from getting overheated.

Follow these tips and you’ll enjoy a long memorable spring with your four legged family member!

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